F.A.Q - DynamicDirectory

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to assign rights to regular users so they can edit others users in my AD.


  • If I rename or reinstall my domain, should I buy a new license?

    No, you should not. Simply apply for a new license by sending us an email.

  • Can users change their passwords through the product?

    No they can not.

  • We have X domains in our organization. Can you offer any discount or an unlimitd license?

    We have an unlimited license that covers this. The product is locked to the domain, so you will need one license for each domain. That is included in the price and you just have to let us know what domains you need licenses for.

  • What are the prerequisites for using the product?

    The product runs on Windows Server 2003 and up. There must be .NET 3.5 installed. AD must be expanded with Exchange Schema. Either through an Exchange installation or through a setup.exe / forrestprep command.

  • Do I get free updates?

    Yes. For 1 Year after your purchase. All support is included by our MCSE engineers.

  • Can you install the product on a domain controller?

    That is no problem.

  • And on an Exchange Server?

    Yes, but we recommend not to do so. Mostly because Exchange is complicated enough as it is.

  • Can you install the product several times on the same server?

    You can not use the installer to install two instances. But if you want two sites with different URLs, you can manually create it in the IIS and then just point the new site into the folder where the first installation is located.

  • Does the service account, that the product utilize to gain access to AD, need to be a member of the Domain Administrators group?

    No. You can run the product with an account that is a member of the Account Operators group.

  • Can the product be used up against other LDAP solutions?

    No. It integrates with AD only.

  • Why does it use the form-based login, instead of Windows Integrated Authorisation?

    Because then you can also use the product without having to sit at his own PC.

  • Can you upload images to AD which can then be seen in Outlook and other places?

    Not yet. We intend to include this functionality in a future version.