Out of Office Management


DS-Manager 6.2 now offers the ability to manage users Out-of-Office settings. (Out-of-Office later referred to as Oof)


Compatibility: Exchange 2010 or higher On-Premises or Office 365. As with DynamicSignature you must have AD On-Premises to generate template based Oof Messages.


You can manually edit the Oof text messages and timing of individual users. You can also use templates with mark-ups to generate automatic Oof messages so you can maintain a standard for common response types across your organisation.


The single user management is provided as a free add-on for existing DS customers.


For large scale management you would want to send Oof Messages to whole groups at a time. We offer this feature as a licensed add-on.


As of v.6.5.0 a stand-alone version is available (without the signature part) that can be used by HR and reception staff.