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Error page after applying a new .lic file to DynamicDirectory


I received the new license file for DynamicDirectory.

But after applying it with the Configuration tool found in Start->DynamicDirectory->Configuration I get an error page when I now go to https://dyndir. (This is the URL I have it at)

The error page just say it had problems, but no usable details. How do I proceed?


The IIS is suppressing any usefull technical message as default. So you should proceed to enable detailed error messages to find out what is wrong.

If you go to the folder that is the root of your DynamicDirectory site then your have a web.config file there.

Search through for the file and look for

   <customErrors mode="RemoteOnly"/>

Change the "RemoteOnly" value to "Off". (Options are On/Off/RemoteOnly - IIS6)

Note that on many sites this block it found inside a commented-out block <!-- --> in which case it has no effect.

Either copy the block outside the comment block, or un-comment.

On IIS-7 the "customErrors" has been replace by "httpErrors"

Here the options are Custom/Detailed/DetailedLocalOnly

In most cases we have on this subject we find that the permissions on the new .lic file that was added does not receive the correct permissions. So the technical error messages is "Access denied".

Make sure the lic file has IIS_WPS and IIS_Guest -> read/execute.

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