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New Outlook and OWA missing signatures

We are using DS-Manager both on-prem and O365 to deploy signatures. We noticed the latest version of Outlook desktop client, aka New Outlook, is online based and does not look to the local machine for settings, files etc and as such the email signature will not apply for users.

Please advice what to do.


Roaming Signatures - Signatures no longer selectable


Suddenly alot of our users no longer has any signatures when they go to the signatures settings dialog. Some users now only have a signature called "Outlook Websignature".

But when we write new mails, and use the "Signatures" button in the toolbar, all our signatures are there.

We have noticed that Outlook just had an update.

Please assist.


Roaming Signatures and DSBS


We are trying to publish signatures to OWA using the DS Batching Service.

The job runs fine, and the log states that X signatures has been published to OWA. But we can't see them.

Please advice.


Azure joined PC can't access my local AD


We have started to add our new PC's to Azure AD only, because we use Intune. But our users are still members of our Hybrid AD. When users log on to the new PC's DynamicSignature Client is unable to make signatures because it can't get access AD. This is reported in the log file.

Please advice.


Unable to connect DS Out-of-Office to Exchange

I am unable to connect the Out-of-Office (DSOF) to my Exchange 2016 server. When I choose to add End-Point and fill the dialog with username and password and click Okay, I just get "establishing a secure TLS/SLL channel failed".

On further investigation I find that we have disabled the TLS1.0 + 1.1 protocol on our Exchange server, just like Microsoft advised recently. Office 365 is also soon going to move to 1.2 only.

Do you have an update to your product?


DS Batching Services Setup Testing

I am having trouble setting up the DS Batching Services.

The test performed to verify my setup fails.

I have followed the guide to set up the impersonation account.

Is there some other way to test my setup?



Outlook roaming signatures roadmap 2020

Hi support.

We are using your product DynamicSignature. And we got this email from Microsoft below, and we are wondering how this change will impact their use of your program.

Is there anything they need to do regarding this?

They wrote:

Outlook for Windows is introducing e-mail signatures that will be stored in the cloud rather than being stored locally on the user’s Windows device.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 60371

Traditionally, signatures were stored locally on a user's Windows device. With this feature, signatures will now be associated with an email account.

Signatures will be stored in the user mailbox and will be available on any devices running Outlook for Windows that has been configured with that email account.

When the feature becomes available, Outlook will read the existing local signatures. Outlook will copy signatures selected as default for New messages or Replies/forwards to the account mailbox, making them available across multiple devices.

Because this new feature is changing how Outlook manages signatures stored on a local drive, third-party add-ins which provided this functionality will no longer work when this feature is enabled.



Outlook ignores font formatting in my signature

I have just designed a new signature and many users report that it shows in Outlook with either Calibri or Times New Roman despite the fact that it has been design with Century Gothic. It seems to be very random and I can't figure out the reason.

Please assist.


Images Size Problem

Several users are experiencing problems with the size of images in our signatures. They appear smaller than normal.

I have discovered that they have set the screen size to 125% or some other size.

It was not a problem before, but has recently started. Maybe something to do with an update to Outlook 2016?

It does not seem to affect Outlook 2013.

What could be the cause of this?


Outlook has lost all signatures

Dear Support,


We are experiencing problems with our dynamic signatures on our terminal server.

The signature seems to run fine but it will not appear in our outlook client.

Can I check some log files to see what is going wrong?


Outlook 2007 refuses to embed images in outgoing mail

When i send a mail and my signature contains a logo, it is not transmitted outside my organisation. All my colleagues that also use a signature can see it just fine ?

If i go to "Sent Mail" and look in the source of that mail, i see that the image reference is something like "C:\Users\...logo.gif". Why does it not embed the image ?

Apparently it is only me and a few colleagues that has this problem.


DSAddresses resides inside another OU

I'm having a problem with setting up the trial for dynamicSignature. Here is my issue:

I'm required to create an OU on the root of my domain in order to make it work.

This can not work for me because I only have control over the OU for Orapa and not the entire domain.

Can you please find out for me if there is a work around for this?

Thank you.


Error "Outlook not initialized"

Hello support,

Can you please help me with the this error.
When generating the signature on one PC it says:

"Office has never been initilize. Please setup Outlook to create a profile. Key does not exist: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Common\General\Signature"

But I do have a profile, and Outlook is running fine.

Best regards,Richard


Setting default font in Outlook 2010

Hi All,

I would like to set up a default font for Outlook 2010.
Can that be done through a GPO?

I have the Outlook administrative template installed in the GPO Editor. And I can find Stationary Fonts. However, I can't find the setting to set the default font as Tahoma and the size 11. That's the only setting I need to apply.

Does anyone know how to do this?


Inserting hyperlink shows strange {HYPERLINK}

Recently I have been noticing that whenever I create a new message, reply or forward messages in Outlook, any hyperlinks and/or pictures in the message are replaced by

{INCLUDEPICTURE 'cid:image001.jpg@______' \* MERGEFORMATINET }

How can I reset my Outlook to include the short hyperlink when I write the message or edit it? (When the mail is sent or received it changes back to the short link).


Images in OWA signature


I am wondering if it is possible to add a logo to the signature that we push to OWA. When I use DSBS to push to OWA the images does appear.

Kind regards, Henrik


Office 2013 does not embed the logo in my signature

After upgrading to Office 2013, i discover that the logo in my signature does not get sent along with my email. The recepient just see the famous red-cross.

When he looks at the source of email the path for the images is: "file:///C:\Users\kristian\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures\LOGO-1.png"

What can i do?

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