DS Batching Services


What is it

The DS Batching Services (henceforth called DSBS) offers the possibility to:


Offload the transmission of signatures to OWA to a server, as opposed to using the client part to push signatures onto owa.

Transmit signatures to Office365 / Cloud

Generate signatures for Offline usage. This is handy for MAC users that is not a part of the AD domain and do not run GPOs or login scripts.



System Compatibility

DS Batching Services can be installed on Windows 2008 +R2 and Windows 2012 – both 64 bit version.

If you want to push signatures onto Office365 / Cloud you are not required to have integrated your existing AD with Office365 AD (Azure AD).

DSBS must be installed on a server that is joined to your domain.

This AD will be the source of your employee data. On each user with the mailbox in the Cloud you should just make sure that the email address field (in your AD) has the correct email address set.

Then Auto-Discovery will be able to find the appropriate server to talk to in the Cloud. (See Screendump)