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I am wondering if it is possible to add a logo to the signature that we push to OWA. We are running Exchange 2010 and DynamicSignature 5.1.74

Kind regards, Henrik

Hi Henrik.

Technically it is possible. All you need to do is create a signature template to be used for OWA only. And then when editing this template, insert the image using the "Insert image from web" button on the toolbar.

This will create an image from a reference instead of copying the image to the client Outlook installation. OWA does not accept image to be loaded into Exchange during a push. It only accepts text.

But there are several serious drawbacks. We feel we must advice against the use of images.

Firstly the image(s) you reference must be on secure http. If it is not you will see a security warning each time you go to settings, or you write an email.

This is because your session on 2010 is always on https, but if your image is on http:// then you have a mixed session.

Then when you send the email with a signature containing an image reference, the recipient will not get an email with the image embedded in Mime Base64, but the image will stay a reference. Thus the recepient will get the well know "Show remote content" button. And if he ignores that, he will not see the image that you put in the signature.

For these reasons we advice against the usage of images in OWA.

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