Error "Outlook not initialized"

Hello support,

Can you please help me with the this error.
When generating the signature on one PC it says:

"Office has never been initilize. Please setup Outlook to create a profile. Key does not exist: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Common\General\Signature"

But I do have a profile, and Outlook is running fine.

Best regards,Richard

Yes that issue we have seen before on a rare occasion.
For some reason we dont know why Office does not initialise Outlook settings correctly.

DynamicSignature is looking for the name of the localised folder that holds the signatures. Without this information the app does not know where to put the generated signatures.
It is specifically the "Signature" Key that it looks for. So you could either try to Resetting Office to Default Factory Settings, OR just create the key.
Go to %appdata%\Microsoft\ and see what the name of the signature folder is. In english it is "Signatures". But in Danish versions it is "Signaturer". Notice the "r". That is localised folders.

That has work fine for the couple of other incidents we have heard of.
Outlook somehow figures out where to look even if the key is not present. How we dont' know.

From the picture you can also see how a fully initialised Outlook looks like. You probably only have a few key.

We have investigated why Office does not initialize the registry on some occassions, but with out luck.
The work-around is to use a loginscript to import the registry key mentioned. If you go to %appdata%\Microsoft\ you can find out what the name of folder is. Most often it is just "Signatures". But in Office with Nordic languages it is "Signaturer" or something else. Make sure the key you set matches this folder.

The most kind regards.
Kristian Sogaard

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