DSAddresses resides inside another OU

I'm having a problem with setting up the trial for dynamicSignature. Here is my issue:

I'm required to create an OU on the root of my domain in order to make it work.

This can not work for me because I only have control over the OU for Orapa and not the entire domain.

Can you please find out for me if there is a work around for this?

Thank you.


It looks like it can be worked around.

The application is composing a LDAP query.

So at some point it will read the OU name  from ini file and put it into the query as "OU=DSAddresses"
So if you need to use a nested OU, you will need to keep in mind that it is adding "OU=" it self.
Thus you could write:


Tried it in the lab, and it seems to work fine.


Each Template has a configuration (stored in a file) that has the actual name for the OU to use.

The master is in DS-Manager. And when you make a change a copy is deployed to your deployment server. So make the override on the DS-Manager.

Go to "Run" and put %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\DynamicSignature\DS6\DSClient\ and there open the corresponding INI file with Notepad.

Make the change as described above. Close file.

Go to DS-Manager and then into "Template Configuration" for the signature. Make a change so you can "Save and Deploy".

Best regards. Kristian

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