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What is it

DynamicSignature Out-of-Office or DSOF is an Add-on to DS-Manager that gives you the possibility of adding signatures to the Outlook auto-replies of all employees.

You can use it to also add pre-made replies as suggestions for the staff to use. So when a user goes to Outlook OOF settings, there will be a standard already in-place for them to use. 

And it can of course be used to manage daily, the auto-replies of the employees by a designated assistant or IT admin. This is very handy if people call in sick or are unavailable. Or if a whole group of people are going to an event and you want to set a message for all of them at once.

Who is it for

DSOF can be used by customers with on-premises Exchange installations, as well as customers with cloud/hosted Exchange. It uses a separate End-Point setup that allows for both internal and external server, and credentials other than the logged on user. So it can be used by admins and non-admins alike. If used by non-admin, an admin must make the initial setup.

How does it work

Below you see the single user manipulation form. You have all the options that Outlook provides. You can of course enter text as you please. But the power of DSOF is that you can make templates for a whole range of scenarios that you can then use to generate personal messages with, signatures included of course. Perhaps finishing with a few manual touches to make dates specific e.g.

DSOF runs on Application Impersonation. So users with no particular rights can be asked to manage OOF settings of the employees. The admin is just required once to set up the end-point with the impersonation credentials for the user.

DSOF uses the managed API of Exchange Web Services. (EWS)


  • Exchange 2010, 2013 or 2016.
  • DS-Manager installed either on Member server or Workstation.
  • End-Point either On-Prem or Cloud.