Office 2013 does not embed the logo in my signature

After upgrading to Office 2013, i discover that the logo in my signature does not get sent along with my email. The recepient just see the famous red-cross.

When he looks at the source of email the path for the images is: "file:///C:\Users\kristian\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures\LOGO-1.png"

What can i do?

It would appear that Microsoft is still struggling with what should be default behavior when it comes to embedding versus linking images.

Back in Office 2003 there were a dialog called "HTML Options" where you could choose if Outlook should just link to the images or it should embed it via MIME/base64.

The checkbox value was stored in the registry.

In 2007/2010/2013 the dialog is not there, but the registry value and the function in code is still present.

On a fresh Outlook 2013 you may also be missing the registry as well.

If you create a new signature manually inside Outlook, and have a look at the html code generated you will notice that local images are marked with some special XML code:

<v:shape style="position:relative;top:1;left:1;width:50;height:50" path="m 1000,0 1000,1000 0,1000 x e" fillcolor="blue">
<v:imagedata src="/myimage.gif"/>

It is still a little unclear to me, but I think the strategy Microsoft is trying to create is to differentiate between internet images and local images. It may then be possible to leave internet images as links, and embed local images.

But if you otherwise look at the horror that Outlook produce and call html, you may not like to use the built-in signature editor. We recommend using DynamicSignature to generate signatures.
Instead you can produce a normal signature in compliant html, and just set the registry value. You can even do that on a broad scale via a logon-script.

Value type: REG_DWORD
Value name; Send Pictures With Document
Value: 1

Below you will find a registry export of the mentioned key, that you can import via a script.

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