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I am wondering if it is possible to add a logo to the signature that we push to OWA. When I use DSBS to push to OWA the images does appear.

Kind regards, Henrik

Hi Henrik.

Since Exchange does not have an image container in the store, only text is saved.

The best practise is to make a special template for OWA use. And then either choose to not use images or load them from a URL.

Here is how to use URL images.

Duplicate the template you wish to use for OWA purpose.

Choose "Open containing folder" on the right-click menu and then move all the images to a web server of you choice. This could be the root of you Exchange server*

Then when editing this template replace image by using the "Insert image from web" button on the toolbar, pointing to the image URLs

Note that the image(s) you reference must be on a secure http. If it is not you will see a "mixed content "security warning each time you write an email, because your owa session is already on https.

When you write a new email with a signature containing an image reference, owa will load this image and when it is sent it will embed it. That is, if your Exchange is version 2016 or above. Versions below will not embed, but show the "Show images" button at the recepient end.

*If you go to InetMgr you can right-click the owa folder and choose "Explorer" which brings you to something like: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\ClientAccess\owa"
Here you can put your images and that will make them available at https://yourURLforOwa/imagename.jpg
Note also that they cannot be access without being signed into owa which is excellent for owa use, but you may have trouble seeing them in the template editor.

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