Images Size Problem

Several users are experiencing problems with the size of images in our signatures. They appear smaller than normal.

I have discovered that they have set the screen size to 125% or some other size.

It was not a problem before, but has recently started. Maybe something to do with an update to Outlook 2016?

It does not seem to affect Outlook 2013.

What could be the cause of this?

Hello Michael.

Then you should check the image size definition in the html code.

It is important that all images has set sizes, as Outlook can get the size wrong.

It mostly happens with Outlook if the user has a big screen and has set maginification to like 125%.
Then it scales the image and the email recipient also gets 125%

Go to DS-Manager and open the template for editing.
At the bottom you have 3 buttons, choose the html source code. Find the <img src=xxxx> Do you see height=xx and width=yy inside this html tag?
Is the correct size?

You can amend by either putting the right size in code if needed, or you can go back to the wysiwyg and right-click the image.
Set the size here. It may be pre-filled with the correct size.
If you get a border now around the image, then go back to the dialog and remove color and size from border fields, or set the border to 0px and the color to #FFFFFF.

Outlook 2016: Some clients report that size must be set in both tag property and style property for this to have any effect.

It seems that Microsoft has changed the way Outlook interpret "style". Outlook 2016 now ignores style height/width, and only reads tag properties height/width. So to be on the safe side, use both.

DS Template Editor sets the style size. So you should just go to the html souce and set the size like in below example. Note the absence of "px"

Example: <img height="148" width="400" style="height: 148px; width: 400px;" src="/email-sig_CMS.jpg" />


On rare occasion we see images that has been made in a non-standard resolution, and that can also make problems in Outlook 2016. Normally images has a 96dpi resolution. That is good for screens. But pictures going to print are often 300dpi. So check that also. If you have more than 96dpi it is a problem in Outlook. If you look at the file properties it should be on the "Details" tab. If I recall correctly only JPG and TIFF has the option to save in another resolution. GIF and PNG are made for the screens.

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